Our Wish List

** Medicines: Frontline, HeartGuard, Revolution, and Bravecto (all weight ranges) These are found at the vet clinics.


** Stainless steel water/food bowls - all sizes

** Stainless steel litter pans can be found on Amazon.com (these actually are    restaurant steamer pans, they do not hold odor or germs and are easily sanitized)

** Collars and Harnesses, cats and dogs, all sizes. NO PRONG or CHOKE COLLARS PLEASE.

** Halti and Gentle Leader head harnesses

** Various size dog harnesses

** Washable dog beds and blankets

** Puppy pads

** Kitty litter (clumping and non-clumping)

** Pet shampoo (unscented or puppy formula if possible)

** Powder Kitten Milk Replacement and Puppy Milk Replacement


Special request items:

** Tupperware or Sterilite bins, med and large

** Printer paper

Due to storage constraints we ask you please contact us before donating food. 


We also are in need of cash donations for our Pet Food Bank program.