Sponsoring an animal, vet care, or supplies for our pets and programs is an easy way to help us meet financial, care, and support needs. You can choose from several items, vet care procedures, food bank items, or even send your own amount and let us know who or what you'd like to sponsor.  Sponsorships can be a one time payment, or set up on checkout as a recurring PayPal withdrawl. It's up to you!  If you have any questions, please feel free to email us.  Sponsorships are done through PayPal's secure website and you have the option upon payment to let us know what or who you'd like your sponsorship to go towards.

$5 Sponsorship: a toy, a collar, a bag of treats for a special pet in our rescue. A $5 donation can provide those items for one of our foster pets.

$10 Sponsorship: a blanket, a round of shots at the vet clinic, two cans of kitten milk replacer, or a new bed. A $10 donation helps us get these items and care.

$25 Sponsorship: a wormer treatment, flea and tick prevention, heartworm prevention, another round of vaccines and a vet trip, a big bed or blanket, a bag of food - $25 helps to get those items to our pets.

$50 Sponsorship: a bag of specialty food, a full vet check, medicine, a ThunderJacket, an extra large bed, a cat spay or neuter. $50 can help us help them.

$100 Sponsorship: a dog spay or neuter, a heartworm treatment, a dental cleaning, a month of food and treats, corrective surgery. $100 can do a lot of things for a pet in need.

Choose your own amount: you may even specify a special pet or item you'd like to sponsor. The options are endless!

$30 sponsors a dog or cat for us to provide a month of food and kitty litter to folks in need.

$25 sponsors a neuter for a cat or a dog through our low-cost program.

$40 sponsors a spay for a cat or dog through our low-cost program.