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PRL Low-Cost Spay & Neuter Program

The Pet Rescue League in conjunction with ANIMAL CARE CLINIC in Aberdeen, SD are providing a low-cost spay and neuter program which will be available to lower income families. We will only pay for services occurring at ANIMAL CARE CLINIC-not at any other vet clinic.

Altering animals is the only way to reduce the number of stray/unwanted animals in our communities.


The program will run as follows:



             Upon application (online option, print-at-home option, or form available via email or mail), A HOME VISIT will be scheduled to obtain the needed information necessary for the service. Please contact us if you need an app.



               A. (one of these required) Proof of unemployment, SNAP or TANF, or disability, WIC, Section 8, Social Security benefit card, EBT card, and/or an income status of under $12,600 for an individual, $16,460 two person household, $24,020 three person household, and $24,600 four person household, and $28,780 for a five person household. Two recent (within 90 days) pay stubs will be required if using income status.  Special consideration will be given to those who are disabled, elderly, and veterans (those on fixed incomes).


               B. A valid driver license or some form of picture ID


               C. Payment will be required at the time of BCPRL’s home visit. Please accurately weigh your female dog for spaying.


***You MUST HAVE the above required information at the home visit to qualify for the program.   

  2. OWNER COST:  (For routine spay/neuter-- Any costs exceeding those of the routine procedure are your responsibility.)


                  CATS: ✹ Neuter (male)  $25.00   (Payment required at PRL home visit)

                            ✹ Spay (female)  $40.00   (Payment required at PRL home visit)


                  DOGS:  ✹ Neuter (male)   $40.00   (Payment required at PRL home visit)


                              ✹ Spay (female)  (Payment required at PRL home visit. Please have the accurate weight of your dog at this time.)

                                                        By Weight:

                                                  (0-15 lbs) $45.00

                                                  (16-30 lbs) $48.00

                                                  (31-50 lbs) $50.00

                                                  (51-80 lbs) $55.00

                                                  (81 lbs and up) $75.00


3.      At the home visit the owner will also sign a release for PRL and we will go over the requirements for the surgery. The vets require the animals to have vaccinations (rabies at minimum) to perform the spay or neuter. Therefore, the owner will also be responsible for making sure the pet receives proper vaccinations in a timely manner. PRL is not responsible for vaccination costs and the vaccinations must be done at least 2 weeks prior to surgery.


       Upon approval at the home visit, the owner will be in charge of scheduling an appointment at the veterinarian WITHIN TWO WEEKS OF THE HOME VISIT (the surgery does not need to be within two weeks, but the appointment must be made in this timeframe) and will be given a voucher that must be presented at the time of the appointment. If needed, arrangements will be made for drop off/pick up of the pet if the owner is found to be unable to transport their pet(s).

***Please let us know when the appointment is scheduled.


4.  This program will be provided as long as funding is available.


5.  One household is allowed THREE pets total to be spayed/neutered using this program.


6. The final decision of the animals to be altered will be at the discretion of PRL.


8. An application does not guarantee you will be approved for the program. 

9. The only approved vet clinic for this program is ANIMAL CARE CLINIC. We will not be responsible for bills at any other vet clinic.