PRL Pet Food Bank

The Pet Rescue League has received a grant to establish and maintain a monthly pet food bank for those in need.

Food will be distributed on an as-needed basis. A PRL representative will contact you to arrange for drop off or pick up.

If you would like to donate funds to keep the bank going, our mailing address is 1020 6th Ave SE Suite 1 Aberdeen 57401. We also have a Paypal account (the button is on the homepage). Unfortunately we can't take donations of food due to storage constraints.


    PRL's Pet Food Bank offers temporary assistance to help individuals and families in need feed their pets and should not be       used as a permanent source of pet food. PRL WILL NOT donate to anyone breeding, selling or flipping animals and it                 reserves the right to refuse anyone under any circumstance. Below are the guidelines. However, every request will be                 reviewed on a case-by-case basis. PRL will provide approximately one month of food for up to 4 pets in the household.

1. Proof of unemployment, income status, SNAP or TANF, or disability with a valid driver license or some form of ID (including:       most recent EBT receipt within 15 days, other program benefit cards or proof of receipt, SSI or disability proof of receipt or         card, non-expired photo ID) 


2. Recipients must be 18 years of age or older. ID may be required


3. Pets are for companionship and not for breeding or illegal activities


4. All pets must be spayed/neutered (unless there is a medical condition prohibiting this, vet proof will be required in this                 instance).


5. Pets must be a part of the family with inside shelter and must be maintained in a healthy environment and living conditions


6. Pet food recipients cannot take on any additional animals while receiving assistance

7. Understand that some pet food is donated and may not be the current brand you use to feed your pet, which may upset your     pet’s stomach


8. Agree not to hold PRL, its volunteers, and benefactors legally liable in the unfortunate event your pet(s) become ill or the           food upsets a pets(s) stomach


9. Recipients agree not to resell, redistribute or attempt to return to a store, any food received from PRL Pet Food Bank.



    For a download application, click hereYou may email it to us at

    or mail to: Pet Rescue League 1020 6th Ave. SE Suite 1  Aberdeen, SD 57401. 

IPSWICH AND GROTON RESIDENTS: Your drop offs MUST be scheduled a few days in advance. PRL CANNOT do same-day drop off.