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We strongly suggest using a desktop (PC, Mac, etc) and not a cell phone to do our applications.

Our Adoption Process

​​​​PRL is run by volunteers that are dedicated to finding safe and loving homes for every animal that comes into our rescue. Our adoption process provides us with information that allows us to consider both the needs of the animals and the adopters. While this process may seem extensive, please remember that our goal is to help these animals find their FOREVER homes. We also strive to find the right pet for your family and lifestyle. We thank you for your time and patience throughout your adoption experience.


​**Our adoption donations are generally $150.00 for dogs over a year old and $100.00 for cats unless otherwise stated. 


**Our dogs go to the veterinarian for a well check and are spayed/neutered when appropriate, up to date on vaccinations, treated for fleas, ticks, etc... and treated for any other medical conditions before they are adopted out. 


**Our cats also have a well check where they are tested for FIV/FeLV, spayed/neutered when appropriate, up to date on vaccinations, treated for fleas, ticks, etc... and treated for any other medical conditions before they are adopted out.


Step 1 - Fill Out a Pre-Adoption Application

​              This will tell us about you, your family, resident pets (if any) and your lifestyle.


Step 2 -  Application Review

​               Our adoption coordinators will contact your:

​               1. Landlord (if applicable)- We verify with your landlord that you have approval to have​ a pet and if there are any restrictions. If your landlord does not allow pets your application ​will be denied at this point.

               2. Veterinarian References - A volunteer will check with your vet reference(s) to determine that all of your pets are spayed/neutered and up to date on vaccinations. If you don't have any current pets, our volunteer will ask about the medical care your previous pets received. 

If you have never had a pet, this step will be skipped. If your vet cannot verify that your current or previous pets have been spayed/neutered or are up to date on vaccinations your application will be stopped until you can provide this information.

​                3. Personal References - A volunteer will contact your two personal references in regards to whether they consider you to be a responsible pet owner. If our reference checking volunteers have any concerns based on communication with your references your application may be stopped at this point.


​​Step 3 - Home Visit Meeting 

               Our organization requires a home visit to determine that the rescue animal will be living in a safe environment. Our rescue coordinator will contact you to set up a time for the home visit. This allows us to get to know you, your family, current pets, and whether the animal will be the right fit for your lifestyle. All family members should be present.

               In some instances, we will bring the rescue animal along for this visit. Otherwise, another meeting will be arranged. If distance is a factor, we will make every attempt to work with you on a home visit.


Step 4- Visitation

​              In some instances, we do have an animal do a trial visit for no longer than a week. You will sign a contract stating you are responsible for the animal's care during the visit. Our organization can provide a crate, leash, bowls, etc...for the duration of the visit. If everything seems to be working out, arrangements for adoption are made.


Step 5 - Adoption

​               Please be aware that even if you are approved as an adopter, that does not guarantee you a particular animal. We sometimes get several applicants for an animal and we have to determine what homebest fits the animals needs and vice versa. So even if you do not get one animal, that does notmean you cannot adopt another.


​               If you decide to adopt an animal, you will be required to sign an adoption contract and a spay/neuter contract if the animal has not been altered. You will also need to pay your adoption donation.

               If it is determined that things are not working out, there is a one week refund period. 

               This means if you return the animal within the first week of adoption, we ​will refund your adoption donation.


​               If at anytime, you are having a problem with your rescue animal, please contact us at and we will have a volunteer contact you asap.


If you want to foster, simply fill out an application and we will review it, make a home visit, and work with you to place appropriate pets in your home.  We provide everything and we're only a phone call away for help, as well. Expenses can be reimbursed, and we make sure your foster pet is healthy, vetted, and will help you train them.  Special cases do come up from time to time, and we will make sure you are comfortable with the foster pet and any special care it may need.  We make sure you have food, leashes, toys, crates, bedding, and anything else you should need. If you buy treats, food or other approved items, you will be reimbursed.  We need kind folks who are willing to open their homes for rescued pets - we can't do it without you.  If you have any questions, please let us know by using our contact page.

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